Thursday, 1 August 2013

How Google Adwords Quality Score is Updated?

Now days in SEO, lots of things are happening. Different updates from Search engines make the things more complicated for SEO Consultants. Now Google Adwords is also making some updates for the Google Adwords. In this update Adwords quality score is reported into your Adwords account. Google confirms that making these changes in Adwords will make it easier for the advertisers to maintain and revise any of their ads based on their quality score.
Google stated that our current efforts are helping the values our ads, as are announcing these updates that will improve that how the keywords numeric quality score is report in Adwords.  Surely, this update will secure your quality score more strongly and all the key sub factors that are click through rate, relevancy and landing page experience. They state that this change will report the quality score more closely and reflects the factors that influence the visibility and performance of your ad.
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It's significant to note that how Google is manipulating your quality score is not changing. So you don't necessitate to be bothered about having to change any of your ads with a great quality score because of how it is calculated is dissimilar. If you're using quality score as part of your programmed rules, you will need to regulate or correct how those rules are relating with the new displayed quality score, or turn off those rules provisionally.

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