Thursday, 25 July 2013

Impacts Of New Update From Google

There are various updates from Google in summer of 2013. The last major update that Google has released was Google Penguin 2.0. In the month of July on 18th, Google launched their next update which is Google Panda Update. This new update from Google incorporates new signs that should provide that help sites that were originally affected by the original Google Panda update. Google will update this panda on a monthly basis in about 10 day period. Some of the webmaster experiences some effects of this update from Google. Here are few of them:
• This update boosts the impressions but the CTR amounts remain same.
• The ranks of different informational websites have been affected a lot.
• The Authority websites will get more importance  in search engine result page
• The websites that are using Google + are being awarded.

SEO Consultants
Now the things that you need to consider are:
• You should start using Google + as research shows that it affects your rankings in SERP.
• You should enable the Google authorship as this will play a major role for rankings.
• Stay within the strategy set into view by Google and focus on quality.

Many SEO Consultants has gone through a deep research about the things that are happening these days in SEO. Google confirm this update by giving the statement that they want to produce more finer results in SERP.

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