Thursday, 25 July 2013

Explanation on Duplicate Content Issue By Matt Cutts

Duplicate Content is the huge topic in search engine optimization. Most of the SEO consultants assume that duplicate content may hurt a website easily. Most of the people in SEO industry even category committed to the topic of duplicate content, but in actual should we worry about this issue of duplicity. Few days back a video was posted by Google's head of search engine spam, Matt Cutts said that he would not stress about the duplicate content issue, unless this content is spammy content. In that video Matt Cutts confirmed that “How does the required duplicate content affect the search in search engine result page?”

In this video by Matt cuts, he clearly said twice that you should not worry about this thing, in the worst case of non spammy content; Google may just pay no attention to that duplicate content. Matt Cutts state that "I would not worry about this unless the content that you have posted duplicate is spammy or keyword stuffing."

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There are various updates from Google. Google has said again and again that duplicate content issues are hardly ever a penalty. It is more about the Google perceptive that which page should rank and which page they should not rank. Google does not want to show the same kind of content to users for a similar question; they do like to spread the results to their users.

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